Monday, November 5, 2012

Japan, Here We Come!

While Matthew and I finish up preparing for our 11 day adventure, we would like to let you in on some final details. As many of you know, we will be traveling to Japan November 6th and returning on the 15th. Our entire travel time will be a whopping 20 hours! We will cross over the International Date Line; so we will be jumping ahead a day, talk about jet lag! We will land in Tokyo at 3 PM Japan time and 4 AM Eastern time. Our Vice President of Field Ministry, Todd Tillapaugh, will be flying into Tokyo and taking us to the military bases and Cadence ministries.

Our first stop will be at a hospitality house in Yokosuka, it is run by fellow Cadence missionaries.We will stay with them for four days. Staying in a hospitality house is a wonderful advantage, not only will we get to see a part of Cadence ministry in action, but we don't have to pay either! While we are visiting, we will have the amazing opportunity to visit our U.S. Naval Base and the chaplains. Meeting and establishing a relationship with the chaplains will give us a greater idea of their hearts and their vision for children’s ministry; this will give us a better idea of what they will be asking us to do with them. We will also get to share our dreams and vision with them!

On the 11th for us (10th for you), we will fly down to Okinawa! We will be staying in the hospitality house, seeing the ministry first hand and meeting more Cadence missionaries! Matthew and I will get to visit the base and the chaplains here as well. While we are here, we will get to serve alongside the missionaries as well! We will head home on the 15th at 1PM! =)

Matthew and I are asking that you would pray for our travels, jet lag, safety, our conversations and the hospitality house missionaries. We are so excited and can't wait to return to share our experience with everyone! =)