Monday, March 18, 2013

Rock that Rolled

This past weekend, Matthew and I helped with our churches Easter celebration, The Rock That Rolled! There were so many different activities the kids could do, from cupcake decorating to a petting zoo! Matthew and I helped our small group coordinator, Ana, with egg hunts! We had four different egg hunts and hid 24,000 eggs!

Matthew and one of his AWANA students getting ready to hide eggs in rooms! There were eggs filled with bouncy balls, tattoos and of course some were filled with candy!

We scattered some eggs on the floor, so they were easy to find for the little ones.

Before each egg hunt, Matthew went over the rules and safety precautions with the kids and their parents. During the hunt, we made sure everything ran smoothly and every child had a chance to get their 10 eggs.

After the egg hunts were over, we helped clean up! We had barriers set up so there was only one way in and out of the hunt! Matthew had the joy in running through the barriers while breaking everything down.
It was a great turn out and we were so glad we were given the opportunity to help!