Saturday, October 18, 2014

Okinawa Life!!!

Our first beach day!
It’s official, we made it to Okinawa!!! We have been on island for three days and are still adjusting to jet lag and a new culture, but it has been very exciting for the both of us! Our main goal for the next couple of weeks is to adjust to the initial move while waiting for the logistical things to work out. We are pretty much stuck until our military IDs come through, but I am considering the waiting period a blessing! It gives us time to acclimate, explore the island and set up our apartment. Until we have our own apartment, we will be staying with our field leader and his family.

We went on an aerial tour of the island!
After receiving our military IDs, we will be able to get our driver’s license, purchase a car, rent an apartment and have access to the base without needing an escort! This coming week, we will finish up the paperwork for our IDs and pray it is processed quickly! Monday, we are going to begin our apartment search, which is super exciting! Although we won’t be able to rent anything until our IDs come, we will be able to narrow down our search! We have also been keeping a look out on cars, so we will have a better idea on the kind we want when it’s time to buy one!

Our office!!!!
Yesterday, Matthew and I were able to order our phones!! Whooot whooo! My phone will hopefully be in by the beginning of next week and Matthew’s will come in within the next two weeks. We were also given a tour of the youth building, where the Cadence Youth Missionaries lead ministry. We will be able to use the space AND we have our very own office!! All of our boxes have arrived, praise the Lord!! They will stay in the youth building until we have our own apartment.

We are so grateful that you are following our lives and praying us through our most recent transition! Thank you for being a constant reminder that God has called us to Okinawa! We love you and know we have the best support team out there!! =)