Friday, February 15, 2013

Our First Support Dinner

   Matthew and I have recently had our first support dinner! My brother and sister in law invited a few couples over to enjoy a dinner with the two of us and learn more about life as a military child and our ministry! At the start of the evening, each person attending selects a "child" they will follow through three different countries throughout the evening. We start eating salad in the United States, move to a different room in the house- known as Germany- for our main course and enjoy dessert in Asia, in yet another room of the house! With each move, they will find out how their child likes/dislikes their current home. As we wrap up the evening, we share what each child is up to now and how Cadence had an impact on their lives!
   Matthew and I decided to make lamented  place cards to represent the kids!

We made boy and girl cutouts using his moms Cricut! I love that thing and I love our cutouts! =)
Matthew cut them out while I typed up the info about each child and printed them out on card stock.

After Matthew cut out the boys and girls, he cut out the names we used. I had the joy in gluing each letter on each card.. looking good, right!?

While I was still gluing the many letters, Matthew lamented each one. We don't own a laminator, so it took him a little while but they look great! =)

Our last step was to make them stand up! We cut one inch tabs and laminated them to stick in the middle of each card! Now they are complete! Yippee!

We are very please with how they turned out and can't wait to use them more in the future! =) 
If you would like to know more about our dinners or are interested in hosting one, please let us know! =D