Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Now What?

Leading K-3rd Grade Worship
After January came to a close and we weren't fully funded, I was pretty discouraged. Matthew and I spent the previous months sharing with people our goal to be supported 100% by January and we missed the mark. I was embarrassed and neither of us had the answer to the daunting, “When will you leave, now?” For the next couple of weeks, we spent time praying and seeking for an answer. What did we come up with? One simple verse: “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” (Proverbs 16:9 NLT) After reading that verse and then reading it another 50 times, peace filled my anxious spirit. I was reminded that it is the Lord who decides when we will leave and when we will stay; He is the one who has and will always guide our steps. What an encouragement for us— we will continue planning and raising our support, but it is the Lord who officially decides when we will leave.
Matthew leading Large Group
What’s next? We will still work as hard, if not harder, to raise our necessary funds. We have set a new goal; we would love to see our full support come in by June of this year. In order for that to happen, we are going to pray like crazy, invite as many people as we can to join our team and get the word out there!! We currently have 22 pledged supporters giving close to $2,400 a month. We need to almost triple those numbers in order for us to be released to the field! Please pray for our support to increase and consider joining us financially. 
In between raising our funds and working part time jobs, we will continue serving the children in our church through Kid's Quest and AWANA. As I have mentioned before, we love our church. We love serving and we love the people we serve alongside. Matthew and I have been given an amazing opportunity to learn from them, for that we are truly grateful. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Today was a great day at church!  We had the chance to show the kids to have faith no matter what! Our bottom line was, " When you hear what Jesus has done, it helps to have faith."  I was on stage for large group and was suppose to do a experiment with Bill Zood the science dude, but he was MIA! What was I going to do!!!  Luckily my co-leader came to my rescue and encouraged me to do the experiment!  She reminded me that I had read the instructions, had seen it done, and I had all the materials; it also helped that she had faith in me that I could do it!  This led into a bible story from Luke 7:18-22, while John the Baptist was in prison for a couple of months.  He began to lose faith and needed some encouragement,  so he asked his disciples to go and talk with Jesus about Jesus being the Messiah.  When the disciples got to Jesus, He told them to watch and listen.  After a little while of watching and listening, they had seen Jesus do amazing things and heard him speak!  Jesus told them to go back to John and tell what they had seen Jesus do and what they had heard.  This good news encouraged John but he had to rely on his friends and the stories of what they had heard Jesus say and what they had seen Him do.  At our church we also ask a great question each week, which is "SO WHAT??"  The "so what" for today was great!  We are much like John the Baptist, having to build our faith on the stories of what others heard Jesus say and what others had seen Him do.  We made a great parallel from what we talked about to the kids lives.   

We get to do awesome fun things like this and tell them truths of the Bible! I cannot wait for us to be able to do it with the kids of the military!!