Matthew and I have had some pretty cool faith building experiences throughout our season of support raising. In the next couple of weeks, we will be sharing those stories with all of you! We hope these stories will encourage you just as much as they have encouraged us!  =)

"My son has something he would like to give you and Sarah." As the kindergartener hands Matthew his coins, his mother says, "He would like to give you some of his allowance." You see,  his parents are teaching him the responsibility of tithing and she gave him two options; give his money to Kid's Quest or help support Mr. Matthew and Mrs. Sarah, he chose us. To average Joe, this 6 year old's $1.50 may of seemed pretty silly, but to us it was a heart moving moment. Receiving his gift showed him that he matters to us and that he is able to help. This was a special moment for us because he is one of the children we have on Sunday mornings. The fact that he wanted to give his very own money to us, shows that we have made a difference in his life. We are so thankful that God continues to use the little ones within the church to encourage us on our support raising journey!

One of the many we have received
Serving at Awana has been a great opportunity for Sarah and I to grow as well as being a huge encouragement!!!  We have the chance to influence the lives of a lot of kids and they have touched our lives more than they know.  We get to hear the Bible verses they are memorizing and keeping in their hearts. It is awesome to see how eager they are to memorize verses and learn God's word.  It has challenged Sarah and I to become better stewards of God's word and memorize verses for ourselves.  Each AWANA book has a section where the clubbers must contact/find a missionary.  Lucky for them, most of their leaders know that we are missionaries, so they always point the clubbers in our direction. The 3rd-5th graders come running up to us saying, "Mr. Matthew, Mr. Matthew!!" or "Mrs. Sarah, Mrs. Sarah!!" They ask us, "Who we are?", "Who do you minister to?", and "What do you do?"  So we promptly tell them,  "We are Matthew and Sarah Annanie.", "We are missionaries to the military.", and " We tell military kids about Jesus." It is a great opportunity to not only tell them about Jesus but to tell the leader about the mission God has put us on!! The K-2nd graders have a section in their handbooks where they write a missionary a letter!  I find it cute when the clubbers give us their letter because some will shy behind their leader. In their letters, They will share things about themselves, about AWANA and some even say they will pray for us!  We then get to respond right away with an in person greeting!!    It has been a blessing for us because we get to be their missionaries now and when we leave!!!

Our youngest supporter!
A few of months back, I received a facebook message from a lady who attends our church. Her two children attend AWANA and Matthew teaches her oldest on Sunday mornings. She messaged me because her son had to complete a section on Missionaries in his AWANA handbook. She read our blog, heard our story and felt a connection. Like Matthew, she was a military brat. (Her step-dad was in the Navy and she attended 6 different elementary schools). Knowing Matthew and I will be serving military kids, she decided to become a monthly supporter!! But the story doesn't end there... After helping her 6 year old son complete his section on Missionaries, he wanted to give to us as well. Say what?!?! A kindergartener wanted to give some of his allowance to us, I was blown away. My favorite part to this beautiful story is when we saw him at church the following Sunday. He came running into Matthew's classroom and excitedly announced, "You're MY missionaries!!! ... I've gotta give you my dollars!" He blessed me more than he will ever know. He considers us his very own missionaries, what a sweet thought.

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